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I welcome you to our website, with great excitement and expectation!

There are many websites but I believe even the most avid lovers of websites will not be able to visit all the available websites in the world. That is why I believe God directed you to this website by His Spirit, for a reason. I pray for that reason to be achieved in your life, in Jesus' name.

There are also many good and great churches but not every person will be in one church. While all churches exist primarily to preach Jesus and salvation, God has raised up different churches for different secondary purposes. That is why at New Eden , we value our members and go the extra mile to prop them up to achieve God's best for their lives.

If God led you to this site as the first step to leading you to our church, I most heartily welcome you in advance and wait eagerly to receive you in our service, soon. If He led you to this site only to bless you in one area or another, I pray that you receive that specific blessing, in Jesus' name.

At New Eden, we equip everyone to recover all that was lost in Adam as well as all that Jesus purchased for us by His death and resurrection. So whether you become a member of our church or not, we pray that you begin to manifest all your legal inheritance in Christ!

Welcome to New Eden Worship Centre and God bless you!

Minaibim Harry,
Senior Pastor,
New Eden Worship Centre,
Lagos, Nigeria