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These are Testimonies given by Church members on what the Lord has done for them.

We encourage you to give your testimonies here and it shall be published on this page.

By so doing, you will overcome your challenges in the name of Jesus.

Emmanuel Amusan:
On this particular Sunday, I had resolved not to go to church because of some personal reasons. I decided, instead, to visit a friend. Fortunately, on my way to this friend of mine, I was invited by a brother to worship with them at New Eden Worship Centre. Unlike my usual way of turning down invitations, right inside of me something kept telling me “You just have to give a trial to this very one.” I finally gave in to the voice. After spending some time with my friend, I left for the service. I never knew it was going to mark the beginning of greater changes in both my spiritual and physical life.

It is true there are many other good churches and pastors out there. Here in New Eden, it is not just about being in a good church or having a good pastor either. It is being in a group that admires and cherishes your ability and gifts and encourages independent thinking, by creating an atmosphere that fosters trust, respect and spiritual growth.

At New Eden I am privileged to have a man who is not just a pastor but also a father and mentor; someone who consciously helps you to navigate through the paths of life smoothly and to a successful destiny through powerful and God-inspired messages.

Thus, New Eden Worship Centre (in my experience) is a place where every ambitious youth aspiring for greatness in life would inevitably make a home.

Adewale Ayegunle:
My personal encounter with the Senior Pastor, Rev. Minaibim Harry, was the first point of attraction to New Eden Worship Centre. The peace and purity around him are extraordinary. On getting to the church, I found out that the word that came out from the pulpit was powerful and very instructive.

I have had the privilege of working with the Senior Pastor and his wife at a very close range and have discovered that they practice what they preach and also have high integrity. This has inspired me to improve on my holiness. Their personal lifestyle has been a blessing to me and my family. My life (spiritual and financial) has maintained an upward trend since I joined the church.

I thank God for being a part of the church and confidently recommend it to anyone seeking a good place of worship!

Gustav Harry:
I came to New Eden several years ago and can testify that it is a really good church. It is a place where everyone who loves God should be. The teaching is passionate, authentic and life-changing while the people are very loving and friendly.

It is a place where anyone struggling with sin will receive spiritual support and loving guidance to overcome it. Authenticity and holiness are two core values in the church which have affected me very positively.

I am also pleased with the atmosphere of praise and worship. I have indeed enjoyed every moment I have spent here because my life has been greatly impacted. I'm confident that yours too will be impacted if and when you come.


Christy Abiji Ayim:
I joined New Eden Worship Centre about five years ago. On my first day in church, I was seriously struck by the preaching of the man of God. This experience changed my entire life.

At some point in 2007, the company I worked for ran into serious financial problems and couldn't pay salaries for over five months. Tempted to move to another job, I spoke to the man of God about my intentions but he advised me to stay on; saying that he perceived the financial challenge would soon be over and I would come out better off for not jumping ship in the company's trying period. About this time, his wife also prophesied a promotion for me and it happened as they had said. All my arrears were paid and my company rewarded me with a brand new car in addition because I stayed.

I also learnt the principle and importance of tithing here, among other things, and I have been so richly blessed through the practice of that knowledge. I thank God for the great things He is doing at New Eden and the several blessings my family and I have received these many years.


Patricia Akemu:
I relocated to Maryland in Lagos , Nigeria , and needed to attend a Bible and Faith believing church. Thank God one Sunday the Spirit of God directed me to New Eden Worship Centre. I worshipped there and it was like I had never worshipped in a church before that day.

New Eden is really a good church where you experience newness – where everything comes out new. The members are friendly, beautiful, caring and loving. The messages come with power and authority and are life-changing. I have personally experienced a lot of spiritual growth because the Senior Pastor spreads the word in a simple and interesting way, to the understanding of the hearer or any layman. The messages have equipped me to confront life's challenges with boldness and overcome them.

I have worshipped in this church for several years now and testify that we have a caring spiritual leader and mentor who shares in your problems and prays with you. New Eden is a home where I really love to be. The atmosphere of love and faith is inviting. I am sure that when you come here, all your dreams and visions will receive a new verve. The messages will make you better understand your purpose and discover your placement in the house of God.

Prosper Ndulaga:
The best thing that can ever happen to anyone is to identify who you really are, know your real essence for living and the purpose and plans of God for your life. This has been one of my major testimonies at New Eden.

As a teenager, I never really liked going to church or anything pertaining to it but coming to New Eden Worship Centre through a friend has been a life-changing experience. In the four years that I have worshipped here, my spiritual life has known a rapid, immense and consistent growth, mostly because of the undiluted Word that is preached. The teaching is practical and inspiring. The authenticity I have seen has obviated my initial dislike for church activities and instead made me an addicted lover of Christ and His church.

I discovered my gifts and talents at this great “home of love”. Sincerely, I do not think there's any other place that makes me feel at home, happy and fulfilled like New Eden. It has been and continues to remain my inspiration. To be in church, day after day, is my greatest delight and yearning! It is with assurance that I invite anyone seeking to have a life of greater meaning to come and see what God could turn you into, at New Eden.

Temitope Oluade:
The first Sunday I worshipped at New Eden, I heard the man of God preach and I said to myself, “This is the right place to be”. Why? Because I like to learn and my pastor doesn't just preach: he is a teacher just as Jesus went about teaching.

In the several years I have been a member of the church, I have been taught the fear of God and the importance of obedience. I've also learnt to depend totally on God and so far it has been very well with me and my family. My attitude and way of life have greatly conformed to God's expectations and I can say I have grown rapidly, spiritually, and continue to grow.

I discovered my real gifts at New Eden through the teachings. People don't care how much their leaders know until they know how much their leaders care…about their needs, dreams, desires, etc. Once a pastor is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of those around him, the determination and drive of the people in that church are activated in a remarkable way. At New Eden, my pastor believes in helping you meet your needs and achieve your dreams.

I thank God for the anointing upon the man of God and invite you to come and experience the great atmosphere of God!

Mary Enietan-Matthews:
I was introduced to New Eden by my younger sister and since I joined the church, my life has never remained the same. My prayer life, and indeed my entire spiritual life, has improved greatly. The Senior Pastor is a great teacher of the Word and I have benefited immensely from his revelatory and insightful teachings, over the many years I have been a member.

He is a principled man who would not compromise God's standards for anything. He is also a loving leader but one who knows when to correct or discipline an erring member firmly. God has used him to touch my life in prayers, counselling, inspiring words, and even employment. Apart from being a loving and caring father, he is also a friend. I am proud of New Eden and gladly recommend it to any single or married person who desires a greater and more fulfilling life!