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Minaibim Harry

I am Minaibim Harry. I was on my way to hell when Jesus saved me and translated me into His kingdom of light.

Prior to that time, I had studied Accountancy in the university and had dreamt of working as an accountant, probably for life, but that was not to be. After just thirteen years of a successful working career in the corporate world, I answered the call of God upon my life to be a full-time pastor. That act of obedience has empowered me to care better for the wonderful people God has put me to serve at New Eden and to faithfully carry out, with greater freedom, all other divine assignments.

I am called to be a revolutionary one of God's agents of change for the end time. My unique mandate is to Raise Authentic Christians Everywhere in the world. I am equipped to change our world, anointed to enrich lives and armed to enforce destinies!

I am a privileged and excited servant of all peoples of all nations of the world. Perhaps, my greatest achievement in life is my appointment as an ambassador of heaven (representative of God on earth), in carrying out heaven's agenda and programmes an appointment I take very seriously!

Minaibim Harry

Senior Pastor,
New Eden Worship Centre,
Lagos, Nigeria.