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I am a graduate of Business Management, currently working as a banker. I have garnered a sizable wealth of business and corporate knowledge which is proving to be very useful in my service to God and His people, at New Eden .

If anyone had told me I would someday live in Lagos , I would have said “Never” but here I am today, by divine orchestration, laboring with my husband in God's vineyard. I have loved and enjoyed every bit of it and look forward to greater things. It is indeed a great delight to serve the lovely people God has given us to love at New Eden, as well as others whom God sends our way from time to time.

I love praying and supporting needy and less privileged people (I want to be remembered as a woman of prayer and helps). I have a passion for raising wives who are faithful and supportive to their husbands, as well as destiny-minded young ladies. I discipline myself to stand out as a role model to women and girls who would like to achieve excellence at home, at church and at the office.

After my service to God, my most consuming vision is to be the greatest, unfailing supporter to my loving, visionary and self-sacrificing husband – only next to God!

Enoh Harry,
Co-Pastor, New Eden Worship Centre,
Lagos, Nigeria.