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Minaibim Harry Global Outreach (MHGO)

Minaibim Harry Global Outreach (MHGO) the ministry platform used to complement the efforts of New Eden in reaching out to souls and other aspects of ministry and missionary work.

Our Mission is to Reach the World with the Love of Jesus. We do so through our commitment in four major areas:

A cademic Support
I nformation for Empowerment
M issionary & Ministerial Support
S oul-winning

Academic Support
Had it not been for the compassion of a total stranger, I probably would never have received university education. (God bless Prof. Tonye Johnnary for assisting me through the university.) Being a beneficiary of great benevolence, I am passionate about lending a helping hand to needy students who are where I used to be. It is a part of our four cardinal aims to provide academic support to needy students, starting in Nigeria and extending overseas, as the Lord provides. We have helped many students with examination and school fees, etc. and still do so currently.
Information for Empowerment
We believe that every person's success is tied to his/her capacity and knowledge is a major capacity builder. Until people change within, the circumstances surrounding their lives will hardly change. Information is the most potent force of change and transformation. Every person is just some information away from his/her dreams. It is also one of our four major aims to provide teaching and training opportunities to empower people worldwide. We also publish relevant books that ignite unusual spiritual hunger and growth.
Missionary & Ministerial Support
Being a privileged minister of the Gospel, myself, I have seen that there are many honest and faithful pastors of young churches who face daunting challenges, as they work hard in the Lord's vineyard. They are unsung, uncelebrated, and challenged on many sides. There are missionaries also who sacrifice their comfort for the preaching of the good news. It is one of our aims also to provide support for these two categories of nobles and the Lord has enabled us to be a source of succour to many in this regard.

This is the primary reason for everything we do. All the previous three aims seek to achieve soul-winning indirectly. We exist to reach out to unbelievers and win them to Christ. We do so through irresistible and compelling love. The other leg of this aim is helping the already saved to remain saved.

We seek a beautiful future in which people all over the world would experience the love and compassion of Jesus. We have a vision and

dream to influence our society for Christ through practical demonstration of the God's kind of love and mercy. In spite of the present constraints, we are confident that God who inspired the vision will execute it by Himself. So, though the vision tarries, we shall wait earnestly for it. We know that it is for an appointed time; we know that at the end it shall speak, and not lie. We know that it shall surely come to pass.

In the next five years, we have a vision of:

•  Leading 1,000,000 souls to Christ through irresistible and compelling love, books, magazines, seminars, conferences, crusades, etc.
•  Supplying 1,000 secondary and tertiary institutions with our monthly magazine
•  Supplying 250 road transporters and 20 airlines with our monthly magazine
•  Supporting 250 ministers and missionaries in and outside Nigeria
•  Holding 250 empowerment seminars across Nigeria and 20 overseas
•  Starting a global television ministry to impact Nigeria and overseas
•  Giving partial financial support to 1,000 needy students in Nigeria
•  Giving full scholarship to 250 indigent students in Nigeria
•  Initiating a special scholarship scheme in the home town of the man who trained me through university, to cater for 10 undergraduates yearly