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By Rev. Minaibim Harry
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By Rev. Minaibim Harry

All great advancements in history are traceable to vision. The world is crying out for achievers. As believers, we are the last hope of the entire world. If we must be relevant to our world, we must effect change in our generation.

In order to make meaningful contribution to our society, we must be men and women of vision. It is the power of vision that we are now going to see.

A vision is a clear and challenging mental picture of a preferred future . There is no greater vision than that of our Lord Jesus Himself, which produced the Christian Faith, of which we are now privileged partakers and beneficiaries. The ever-increasing impact of Christianity in the world is largely due to the power of vision. Not many companies remain great after three generations but Christianity is growing stronger even after more than two thousand years.

The Great Commission is also The Great Vision. Jesus said: Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mk. 16:15). How were they to achieve this, at that time, when all they had were donkeys and boats?

How were they to succeed with no cars, aircraft, satellite, e-mail, internet, computers, radio, television, etc? Were they to cover only Israel or the whole world? He said, “ Go ye therefore and teach all nations ” (Matt. 28:19). How were they to do so without teaching aids such as microphones, recorders, projectors, etc?

This is the first power of vision. It is not limited to today's realities but aims at tomorrow's possibilities . Seeing the realities of His day, Jesus could have said, “Go ye into all Israel and preach the gospel to every Jew” or “But ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and in Judaea…and unto the uttermost part of the Middle-East.” Instead, He cast a global vision. Don't limit yourself with a small vision.

Your vision determines your provision. Your provision cannot be larger than your vision. Every God-given vision enjoys God-ordained provisions. Because Jesus had a vision of world evangelisation, God provided all the things required for its actualisation. He moved people to invent the aeroplane, satellite, television and all the several other things that enhance the effective preaching of the gospel today. The resources flowing to an international bank far exceed those flowing to a community bank, even though they are both banks. How big is your vision?

Vision is not about what you can do but what God can do through you. It is the channel through which God achieves His plans and purposes. He is the originator of every divine vision. He puts in the hearts of men, what He wants done on the earth. He is a big God and usually does big things through the visions of men.

Vision is the mother of every great achievement. Nothing great was ever achieved without vision, nor would ever be achieved without it. Every man is as big or as small, as poor or as rich, as his vision. A poor man with vision will be rich and a rich man without vision will be poor. It's a matter of time.

What is the driving force of your life? What is the compass of your life? Do you just sleep and wake up daily, hoping that things will change somehow, someday? Where do you see yourself five, ten or fifteen years from now? What will you change about your life, today, to get there? In life, we cannot go beyond what we can see. What seesth thou? Without vision it is impossible to live a life of maximum impact. Catch a vision today and change your destiny forever!