NEW EDEN WORSHIP CENTRE: Equipping man to recover all that was lost in Adam and more…
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New Eden Worship Centre is a church having its head quarters currently in Lagos, Nigeria. The church was born out of the Spirit of God to raise authentic Christians.

It is a young but fast growing family of warm, loving and faithful believers.

With the fall of Adam, in the Garden of Eden, all the good intentions of God for man were aborted prematurely. From then, Satan started tormenting man with sin, sickness, tragedy, sorrow, death, etc. Fortunately, our loving Father, who could not stand the torture of man, sent Jesus to come and redeem us.

Our Vision at “New Eden ” is to equip man to recover everything he lost in Adam and also to empower him to receive all that Jesus purchased for him which never existed at Old Eden .

New Eden is the vision of a land whose inhabitants have been redeemed, renewed, restored and now reign gloriously in Christ. It is the dream of a great land whose people value perishing souls as much as God does and ensure that the lost are sought for, preached to, and brought in at any cost.

It is a place where human dignity is pursued and every person is given an opportunity to become God's best. It is a place of great prosperity for formerly desolate and ruined cities. It is the dream of a land where those who once begged for money would become owners and distributors of great wealth. It is a community where those who were once lonely and hurting would find Christian love and comfort. It is an empowerment centre where those whose lives didn't have much meaning previously would discover and develop their talents/gifts and become more useful to themselves, the church and society at large.

New Eden is the dream of a land where the spiritually weak and immature would receive support and encouragement, for spiritual strength and maturity. It is a precious land of covenant where young people never die until they live to a very good old age. New Eden is a land whose walls are made of character and integrity, and whose gates are obedience and love.

It is the dream of a land watered by God's river of refreshing; a land of gold and every good and precious thing. It is a congregation of multitudes from all nations, peoples, tribes and tongues. It is a land of a unique generation of people who truly love and follow Jesus and whose daily lifestyles depict a living testimony of success and all-round victory.

This is the future we see, desire and work earnestly towards. We believe it is possible and are confident of achieving it because the vision is from God!

Our Mission is to win unbelievers to Christ and develop them into His faithful disciples.

Core Values
Our Core Values are easily remembered with the acronym FAITH:

A uthenticity
I ntegrity
T eam Spirit
H oliness