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•  Is there any stress or frustration in your life that you want eliminated urgently?
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•  Are you confused, worried or feel that your life has no real meaning?
•  Do you want to know the easiest way to attract your heart's desires?
•  Will you like to know one deadly mistake more than 90% of believers make?
•  Do you want to know the 3 things believers must do, to win in life & ministry?
•  Have you tried your best to live above sin but have failed so far?

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Pastors need it to build more supportive, fruitful and dependable members. Believers need it to become winning Christians and more successful persons. Every unbeliever needs it to be born into God's family and win in life.


Rev. Harry will be presenting two great books for Singles & Married in a few weeks. The books are well-researched, heartfelt manuals of godly instructions and practical tips on how to find and live the most fulfilling love life. They also reveal the secrets of marital peace and harmony for those already married.

Consider the following questions:

•  What is the very first thing you must take care of, if you want to see your prayer for marriage answered very fast? (Without knowing this most important thing you may stay unmarried for a very long time, if not for life.)

•  What is the “Love Danger” to avoid? (This is the terrible mistake more than 97% of unmarried people make? How does this one mistake destroy your hopes of marriage or blissful marriage?)

•  What are the four secrets that will make your next male admirer marry you speedily? (This is the secret of sustaining a man's attraction till marriage.)

•  What are the four types of men in the world? Which of them will give you endless sorrow in marriage? How can you recognise and avoid him?

•  What are the three types of women in the world? Which type should a man never go near?

•  Marrying this type of woman can cut short your life and hinder the fulfilment of your purpose on earth. How can you recognise and avoid her?

•  What are the Six Don'ts in choosing the right partner? Why are they a very costly mistake to make?

•  What is the “Demonic Honey” of the spirit world? How can it destroy your hopes of marriage?

•  What are the “Eight Red Crocodiles” that eat up the soul of love relationships? (Until you know and kill them, forget about getting married or finding peace in your relationship / marriage.)

•  A man is willing to cancel a relationship or wedding once this happens. What is it? How do you avoid it?

•  What is the No-Warning Marriage Breaker most wives don't know about? (This one thing can destroy a marriage of many years without warning) How can wives prevent this evil?

•  What is the fastest way to save a Divorce-Bound Marriage?

These are some of the serious questions the books will answer for you. You will also find several other eye openers on love, relationships and marriage in them.

If you sincerely desire a more fulfilling love life, order for a copy today by filling the form here or sending an email to